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"In construction and program management, what really makes you a success of failure is the way you solve and approach problem solving. We're known for our can-do attitude.
Our customers know that in spite of the difficulties and problems,
we're always a leader."

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Luis Spinola

– President & CEO –

MBEConnect Profiles Magazine

Date: Summer 2012
Article: MBE Profiles
Excerpt: Luis Spinola is a genuine leader and has led the Azteca-Omega Group through 24 years, more than 800 projects and over $1 billion throughout the USA, Mexico and the Caribbean, employing over 450 individuals with great respect for ethnic diversity.

Hispanic Business Magazine

Date: June 2008
Article: Hispanic Business 500 – Largest US Hispanic-Owned Companies
Excerpt: Azteca-Omega Group, ranked #109

SmartBusiness Journal

Date: September 2007
Article: SmartBusiness Dallas
Excerpt: Luis Spinola hates credit cards, and he hates how people rack up debt using them, but he gets more frustrated when he sees people dip into their company's money to settle their personal financial crises. When leaders do that, they rob their companies of resources to reinvest with, says Spinola, founder, president and CEO of Azteca-Omega Group. By following his own advice, he's grown his construction company into a nearly $170 million business and survived all the ups and downs throughout almost two decades in the industry.

Minority Business News USA

Date: June/July 2007
Article: MBN100 – Top Minority Suppliers
Excerpt: Azteca Group, ranked #24

Dallas Business Journal

Date: 2006
Article: Ernst & Young 2006 "Entrepreneur of the Year" National Nominee
Excerpt: Luis Spinola believes in staying positive in the face of adversity.
"You will have troubles – every company does – but you can solve them if you keep positive," Spinola says. "An entrepreneur is a person who finds opportunity where others don't."
To succeed as an entrepreneur, Spinola says it's essential to be disciplined, stay focused and hire the right people. "I've always understood that the administrative part of the work is as important as the operations, and I have always hired the best professionals for every job," he says. "Personnel are your best asset. I credit the success of the company to our personnel – it's been a team effort."

Construction Today Magazine

Date: Jan/Feb 2005
Article: "True Confidence"
Excerpt: Azteca Enterprises Inc. is a Texas company that has received numerous awards and recognitions. But according to [Luis] Spinola, none of this matters if the company doesn't deliver each and every time, particularly in the midst of obstacles. "In construction, what really makes you a success or failure is the way you solve and approach problem solving," he emphasizes. "A lot of people try to find somebody to blame instead. We're known for our can-do attitude.
"Our customers know that in spite of difficulties and problems, we're always a leader," he continues. "That's what clients need – they want to make sure you have a reliable contractor."

Texas Construction Magazine

Date: April 2004
Article: Top 125 Contractors in the Lone Star State
Excerpt: Azteca Enterprises, Inc., ranked #68